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Photo Repair Testimonials

Photo repair & photo restoration testimonials
of customers.
Hear what our clients have to say in their own words
about our photo restoration/special effects work

  Photo Repair Wizards Restores Damaged Photos. Read what our clients have to say about our photo repair services

You can most definitely use the before and after photos. My dad would be honored. Thank you so much for your help. Elizabeth
  Photo Repair Wizards Restores Damaged Photos. Read what our clients have to say about our photo repair services

Hi Art,
My response is WOW !!!
Oh My Goodness !
You did a great job!
Very professional !!!
Thank you very much!
And oh yes, I certainly approve!

Photo Repair Wizards Restores Damaged Photos. Read what our clients have to say about our photo repair services
Art, This is a work of art! My husband I are, incredibly impressed and happy with the final product! Thank you sooo much! Alina F. Capeles
  Photo Repair Wizards Restores Damaged Photos. Read what our clients have to say about our photo repair services
Good morning Art. I am so pleased with this outcome. You did a wonderful job as well as in a very timely manner. I also have another project I will be sending you as soon as I pull it together. I will also be recommending your serves as well. Thank you very much, Forresta Reynolds
  Photo Repair Wizards Restores Damaged Photos. Read what our clients have to say about our photo repair services
Art, It's beautiful!! The photo was already damaged when I came to own it so this is the first time I've really seen it whole and yeah, it's beautiful!! And I'll certainly spread the word about you guys. Wish I would've researched this service sooner! And thank you so much!
  Photo Repair Wizards Restores Damaged Photos. Read what our clients have to say about our photo repair services Hi Art!
I love it! Thank you very much. I love your work. Please go ahead and feel free to show the before and after!
Have a great day! 
  Photo Repair Wizards Restores Damaged Photos. Read what our clients have to say about our photo repair services I approve of this photo as well. Thank you so much for your help, Art. You do an excellent job at restoring photos. I have been highly satisfied with your services. I will definitely do business go to you again if I ever come across a photo that needs some fixing or enhancing. You offer prompt service with reasonable prices. I will recommend you to others who need their pictures fixed as well. And yes, I am good friends with Lily Tomlin. Those 2 pictures are of her and I 13 years ago when I was 10. We have seen each other and have kept in touch since then. The last time I saw her was this past April. She is one of the most nicest celebrities you could meet. Anyway, thanks again for all your work! 
 Photo Repair Wizards Restores Damaged Wedding Photos. Read what our clients have to say about our photo repair services It was the only copy I had and the picture frame fell and was stepped on causing all the scratches I have tried for several years to use software and get it repaired by luck I found your site. I am so please and will recommend this company to anyone that has pictures that need your expertise. Thanks again!!Chris and Amanda Sneed
 Photo repair, photo restoration testimonials of Fixing Photos customers: You did such spectacular work.  Let everyone see how good your team is.  Thank you again and I will be spreading the word. You did such spectacular work. Let everyone see how good your team is. Thank you again and I will be spreading the word. Charlotte Meszaros
  Red Eye Removal Repair Fixes & Photo repair, photo restoration testimonials of Fixing Photos customersYou guys rock! I love the first one with the red eye removed, the contrast ligthing and color tweak. Thank you so much! Renee' T. Hackney
  Photo repair & photo restoration testimonials of Fixing Photos customersHi Art! I just wanted to again say thanks much for your great work on the photo restoration. This past Christmas I had the restored images blown up and framed for my wife and had them in our dining room for her to see that morning; she burst into tears of joy in seeing the photos of herself, her late grandmother, late big sister, and brother from so long ago. So thanks again very much! You'll be my first choice with more photos down the road of hers that I encounter. :) -- Alan
  Photo repair & photo restoration testimonials of Fixing Photos customers Thank you Art! I really appreciate your hard work and quick return! We are so excited to show grandpa at his birthday party. I am happy to spread the work :) Thanks and have a great weekend! Maurita Andrews
  Photo repair & photo restoration testimonials of Fixing Photos customersIt's perfect! I could not be happier with the final result. Please accept this email as my final approval. You will definitely be getting more business from me in the future. Thanks again! Best regards, Catherine
  I just love how you made the picture just so perfect It's aPhoto repair & photo restoration testimonials of Fixing Photos customersmazing Once again thanks so much And yes you may use the before and after shots for your next ad. I don't have Facebook but I do have Twitter Yes I will definitely spread the word and most definitely do business with you in the future. Thanks Dorothy
  Photo of my mom, Janice with my oldest brother, Ken, in Hawaii. The photo was made from a slide, but the slide had deteriorated and the company would only convert the slide into softcopy photo, but not clean it up. My thanks for Art at Fixing Photos for making the photo even better. photo restoration services
  I APPROVE!! It looks wonderful and will be a gphoto restoration services / Photo Repair Sample additional Christmas gift to my brother and sisters! Thank you!
  Art did an amazing job restoring a photo for me that I thought was on the verge of lostphoto restoration services / Photo Repair Sample forever. He was super fast, and very cordial in his communications. I couldn't have asked for a nicer person and couldn't have dreamed how well he could work his magic. And it is all done for a reasonable rate. Thanks again Art! Brett SanFratello
  Photo Restoration / Repair SampleI do want you to know that I appreciate all that you have done and I have and will continue to let others know about what it is that you do. I did not give you the easiest of pictures to fix, but my wife is happy. The one truth that matters.  D. Zatezalo
Hi Art, Received the prints -- they are great!  Of course you can use my pic for your sample before and after shots if you want.  No problem.  And I definitely will "like" you on facebook. Again, thanks for your service.  Will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs similar services. All the best, Rich

Hi Art, You did a fantastic job on my picture! I approve the work you've done. I will be sending more work your way at a later time. I will also be telling others about you. Thank You, Melissa Cannon


Perfect! You rock, thanks Art! It looks fantastic. Thanks for your attention to detail and patience. We're good to go! Allison


Photo Repair Testimonial PhotoI am extremely happy with how the photo turned out!  I also had looked around and I found your prices very reasonable as well for this kind of work.  I have also liked your business on Facebook. Thanks again! Dona 


Photo Repair SampleArt,

COOL! It looks great! The man on the left. is my dad who recently passed away, he was a bone fide World War 2 hero, marines.
Its cool how you do this. AND, now that I have confidence in your work, I have about 30 more pics to upload and have you restore and make prints for me. I will be gathering the other pics over the weekend and back in touch in a few days.

Joe Hill


Photo Repair SampleJacques' grandfather died before he was born, so he never knew what he really looked like. A photo was taken of his tomb in France that had a photo that was badly damaged after 80+ years. I sent it to Fixing Photos and they did a great job of restoring his face, considering his mouth was almost totally obscured. And they were really reasonably priced! Thanks,




Photo Repair SampleHI ART,



Photo Repair SampleFixing Photos - on line photo restoration service, fixed this beautiful picture of my sis when she was about 15 or 16 I would say. The copies I had were ALL messed up. Thank you Fixing Photos! Great service and I didn't have to go anywhere. Thank you!!!!!







Photo Repair SampleArt,
A few words, OH MY GOSH!! It looks great! I wanted to surprise my Mom and Brother with the fixed photo and it looks great! Michael



Photo restoration images, images of photo repair and restoration

On November 10 our 6 year old granddaughter Julia called us and asked if we had a photo of "Pop" when he was in the Army. Her class was asked to bring in a photo of someone that had served or was serving in the Armed Forces to help celebrate and better understand the meaning of Veterans Day.  I knew just the photo that she would love but when I found it I had forgotten that it had been water damaged. I was so disappointed and so was my husband.  The photo was of him jumping from a helicopter. He was in the 173rd Airborne Brigade serving during the Vietnam War. We gave Julia a different photo and I went in search of someone that could help restore the photo. I found Art! I sent him the damaged photo and a smaller version and Art made a miracle.  My husband Ed was so happy and so am I.  Our family is so proud of his service to our country and now the photo can go back up on the mantle, where it belongs. Forever grateful, Susan


Photo Repair Sample

I would be honored to have you use these photos for your next ad.  Thanks again.  I'll be looking for more pix for you to work up.  What a rewarding service you provide!
Doug Harris



Photo Repair SampleThank you Art! This pic was about 9 years old, and had suffered some major trauma. It was my hubby's favorite though and this is a surprise for him. He's going to be as thrilled as I am!

Julia Estrada

Photo Repair SampleI am so impressed with your service and quality of work. I don’t know why I waited so long to restore my photo. I surely will use you again very soon.

Thanks again
Irene Mosley~




Unbelievable restoration! What a fantastic job you've done! P.S. What you did goes beyond have a great talent for your work. How appropriate that your name is Art! ~ Kathy O'Callaghan


Photo Repair SampleOh my gosh it looks AWESOME!!! Thank you! As usual, you guys did a superb job and I will be recommending you to everyone I know! Tammy Cole



Photo Repair, Photo Restoration, Photo Retouching, Photo Editing, Repairing Damaged Photos, Photo Corrections And EnhancementsIt looks great. I can't wait to give it to my mother. My Dad passed away a year ago and I think this will make her very happy. Thank you for your awesome work.







Photo Repair images, Photo restoration images, images of photo repair and restorationYou did a GREAT job.  We will use you in the future.  Thanks again, Cori



Now that brings a tear to my eye.
It's beautiful, let's go with that.
Thanks very much!


Photo Repair images, Photo restoration images, images of photo repair and restorationYou did a GREAT!!!! Job and I will use you in the future! Dwight




photo repair images, restoration images of photos, photo restoration imagesThat looks awesome! Great job! Phil



photo repair samples, photo repair  images

The picture looks wonderful, thank you. Nicole




Hi Art
My Stepmom is going to be so excited!  Once again, you've done it!!!!!
Thanks again for another outstanding job!



photo repair imagesArt from Fixing Photos did an amazing job on two photo restorations! One of them was quite damaged and I wasn't sure what the turnout would be. Having a satisfaction guarantee reassured me that the photos would be restored to my liking, and I was excited to see what Art could do to fix them. The response time was incredible and the price was more than reasonable. I cannot wait to surprise my father-in-law with the photos - priceless! Will definitely work with Art again!! Thank you so much!

Photo Repair SampleArt-
Thank you so much!! The picture looks amazing-I'm so pleased with the results!!!:) I am anxious to get the file of the final copy. I have another picture I will send in next! Thank you so much! Aloha!


As always, I am very, very pleased with this merchant's services and prompt communications.

Photo Repair Sample



Great work!

Thank you so much for all your help


Art, what can I say? You guys are good, damn good. It's perfection! Doesn't she look symmetretical and just wonderful?

Thanks you so very much!


Thanks again, Art and Jimmy--super job!


It is my privilege to submit this testimonial about  I have presented numerous photos to this company, photos which I termed "Mission Impossibles."  Fixing Photos has always been responsive, patient, and worked with me until we achieved together the result I wanted.  Art and Jimmy will do everything within their power to deliver an image to their customers that is quality, timely, and has met the client's expectations.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs any sort of work or repairs done to photos.

Sincerely, Lee

Photo Repair Sample before Photo Repair Sample after

I'm extremely pleased with the work of Fixing Photos. It's thrilling to see precious moments of time restored. These treasured memories are now preserved and can be shared with other family members. Thank you so much for your prompt and wonderful service!

Sylvia Blair

Hello Art,

I have found Fixing Photos to be a great service. They are conscientious, reasonable and willing to work with you. I would recommend them to anyone.

Doc Peters


Thanks so much for the wonderful job on the Christmas card photos.   I think you were able to help improve our pictures with every special effect and graphic special available.  You also completed our photos in an amazing time frame.  This shows great customer service and great quality work from you guys.  I don't think anyone could ask for a better service than what I received.

Thanks again and we'll be back in contact soon.



I would like to say that you did an awesome job and you were great to work with.  No matter how much of a pain in the ass may I have been you never complained. Thanks so much for all your help!


Photo Repair SampleThank you again for restoring the photograph. The photograph was taken over 25 years ago and we didn't have many photos that we were all together as a family so I am so pleased that you were able to restore it. I would certainly use your services again and would recommend your services to friends and family.

Thanks again - Kati

Photo Repair SampleWOW!!!  The pictures look great. I have wanted to get these old pictures restored however; I thought they were beyond salvaging.  Well, you have proved me wrong.  I am so very pleased with the restoration of my mother and father precious picture.  GREAT JOB!!!! 

Renee Barlow

Very nice!!.. Nice job Art!

Agave Hutauruk

Art, many thanks again for such superb and professional work!


It looks AMAZING!! Thank you so much, my grandmother is going to be TRULY excited. It looks better than I ever though it could be.

Kris Pace


Photo Repair SampleArt,

You are extremely professional. I am very pleased with the work you have done for me and I would, highly, recommend you to anyone who needs photo fixing. Thank you so much.


Art: Photo Repair Sample

Great Job !   My father and me want to thank you for this. That picture was the only memory we have from my grandparents . God bless you always and keep doing this fantastic job.


Photo Repair SampleIt looks great! 

Thank you Art

Best of Health, Sally Lynn



Tears came to my eyes.  My grandmother is dead now and this means a lot to me.  They look fantastic. Thanks.
Susana Iribarren

I really want to tell you how proud and impressed I am with the work you are doing. I really mean that. The website is beautiful and so well prepared, it is impressing.  I must tell you that sometimes I lack in praising and thanking you enough for all you do, but today all the sudden it hit me, how careless I have been in not acknowleding your work and self education. Please put my note on the website, don't be modest, you deserve all the praise. Keep it up!!! Love you a lot,


It looks great! Thanks!

Photo Repair Sample


That's wonderful! That is exactly what I need! Thank you so much!


Thank you SO much!

Maria Hernandez

I'm excited to start putting some of the restored pictures up on the wall. I have another batch I will get ready to send you very soon.  You're not rid of me yet!

Thanks a bunch!


Thank you so much looks great send them.

Thanks, Mendy Davis

Thank you so much! It looks amazing.

Thanks again, Rachel

Thanks. I will use you for all my future picture needs and will pass you on to my friends.


Photo Repair SampleThanks so much Fixing Photos!!

HNTB Administration Crew




Thanks, Art, superb quality work, as I have come to expect but never take for granted from your company.



Wow, you do wonderful work.  I am getting so excited about giving these pictures to my husband for Christmas .  I'm going to put them in a three window frame of some sort...he's going to be so surprised. 

Thanks, Nikki

this looks really GOOD- Thanks!

Peter Temple

Art, This is AWESOME!!  As usual, it looks great. Thanks so much.


Photo Repair Sample

Thank you Art, that looks great!!!!!



Art, perfect!  Just exactly what I was seeking.  Fantastic work, on something that seemed un-doable by you on lst glance.   Proves again that a creative and ingenius talent like yours cannot be stopped.Thanks again, so very much!




Photo Repair SampleArt,
WOW – I would like two 5x7's – please let me know how much.
Thanks Bunches!!

Well, Art, you out did yourself again. Totally! Incredibly! The lst image is so real looking, as if this had been the original photo.
Thank you, thank you. More sterling work, as always!


Hi Art,

Thanks again.  Your prompt attention to this restoration is greatly appreciated. It will be back on the wall in the game room in no time!


Art, the details are incredible.  I am so happy with the changes you made.  Thank you so much for all of the restoration work you completed for me.  I am extremely pleased with every picture and absolutely amazed at what you did.  You've restored these so we can actually see the people and they are once again alive for us.  I look forward to working with you on all of our restoration projects because you are wonderful to work with, your turnaround time is exceptional, your pricing is the best and your talents in picture restoration are much better than anyone else's and we've even been to photo studios and they can't match the quality of your work.  Thank you and you'll hear from me again soon with more pictures to restore!!!


Mr. Hernandez,  I have viewed the photo and it looks wonderful, My husband will be so shocked to see it again,  you done a great job thank you....

Thanks very much Art.   With your help, I'm going to be a big hero. 


Great work, Art!!!!  Thanks so much!!!    You know, I've been telling everyone I know to better protect the photos over the years.  Have a nice evening!! 


Photo Repair SampleAbsolutely beautiful - thank you so much.  I will  probably be sending more in the future.



Hello Art,

Your photo fit the mat and frame that I had just perfectly!  It looks so right, that I wanted you to know.  Thank you so much for taking your time to help us put together this family heirloom.  Your efforts are truly appreciated. 

Have a great day.  Sincerely, Larry and Gail Dickman

Art, I definately approve the sample.  That is remarkable and I will be using your service again very soon.  Please, e-mail me the restored image. 

Thank you, Stephanie Rucker

Hi Art,
The picture looks fantastic!  It brought tears to my eyes!  Yes I approve the image.

Angel Hill

Boy, you guys are prompt! I appreciate the quick and courteous service. I will be sure to pass your information on to others that may be interested in your service....... The photo looks great! I very much appreciate the work that you have done and the timeliness of getting my proof back to me.

Belinda Teachey

Thank you very much. I love being able to communicate with the fixer!

April Weiss

Photo Repair SampleArt, Thank you so much!  The photo looks great!  My grandparents will love it!  What a wonderful gift for their 50th Anniversary !  I may be sending you another picture of my other grandparents who have both passed away.  I think my dad would like it.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! 

Elizabeth Metheney

And your site is RIGHT -- It is cheaper than the other sites!  This picture was done in 1974, so it is a little on the "old" side.  Good job!

Hi Art, I just want to say thank you so much for repairing this photo. You don't know how much it means to me!! It looks great and I can't wait to get the pictures!

Thanks again, Michelle


Thanks so much for another wonderful job!  My dad will love this!  This is such a great gift for someone who is difficult to buy for!  You truly are great at what you do!  I will definitely send more business your way soon!  Merry Christmas !

Elizabeth Metheney

Dear Art,

Thank you for doing such a wonderful—and speedy—restoration for me. And over the holiday, no less! The photos looked absolutely gorgeous framed together, and they made a wonderful present. My relatives were thrilled. I'll definitely be sending you more family photos to work on soon, and I've already recommended your website to friends, family, and even some strangers at Wolf Camera.

Thanks again,
Josephine Yu

Hi Mr. Hernandez,

I must tell you how impressed I am with your work, and your efficiency in getting this done.  Wow!  We've been doing some research on our mother (these photos are her) and I promised my brothers I would try to have these two photos repaired.  I've never done anything like this... our newspaper told me to scan and Google , which is what I did.  This is wonderful.... and you have my best approval, thank you so much. 

  Thanks so much. Lisa

I found through a google search and was very impressed with their website, for starters.  They do beautiful work for extremely reasonable prices, and their turnaround time for both proofs and finished products is Photo Repair Sampleamazing.  I e-mailed them the only existing copy of a 1974 photo of my Mom and me that I wanted retouched for Mother's Day , and I had a final product within three days for less than half of the cost and a fraction of the time of local stores that specialize in photo restoration .  As far as I'm concerned, they've got my business as long as they want it, and I am going to proudly recommend them to friends and family members as well.  Keep up the great work.

Mary Russell

Art, I can't thank you enough.  I believe God uses people as angels in our lives at times, and He certainly used you for mine during this time of great need.  tonite is my mom's wake service and i needed this picture so bad by then.  so, what else can i say to you but thank you again and again and again.  I send the prayer of Jabez to you in second person:  Oh, that God would bless you indeed, and large your territory, that His hand would be with you, and that He would keep you from evil, that You may not cause pain."  1 Chronicles 4:10

Hilda Sifuentes-Garcia

Art, Photo Repair Sample
  This looks amazing.  Thank you so much.  Those damaged photos have been on my mind for so long, I never knew they could be repaired. 



That is so much better than I hoped for!  I approve of the restoration, please proceed with the next step!
Thank you sooooooooo much!


Art, your photo's just arrived and look great!  Thanks for the excellent job of fixing the old photo.  My Mother is really going to surprised to see your end product. 

Thanks again, Bill

Photo Repair SampleWOW! I'm soooooo impressed.  I'll be digging up photos' for your team to help out with, some are in really bad condition and I thought this one was but you have restored it beautifully! Please procede with emailing me a quiality format so that I may print on my own.

Thanks so much.! Ellie

Photo Repair SampleI've had the photo printed up as an 8x10 and it came out so much better than I imagined it could be repaired to look.  Thank you, thank you!  Of course you have my permission to use it on your webpage, or otherwise in your advertising,  You do great work and provide excellent service and I'll definitely plan to be in touch in future with other photos

Thanks again, Susan

Photo Repair SampleImpressive and Excellent Work!! The photo looks great!




Photo Repair SampleI love it!!  Thanks and can't wait to see the 5x7 photos when they arrive in the mail!

Margaret Smith





Photo Repair SampleART, YOU TRULY ARE A GENIUS.  It's an honor for you to use a before & after of the photo.  I tried well over a year to fix the last photo of my husband & I together before he passed away.  I was in tears & ready to give up when GOD & Google led me to ART HERNANDEZ.  I can't thank you enough for your talent, speed & genuine care. 

Lynn Murray

Art, Another one of your masterpieces!!

Photo Repair Sample

Send it on over.

Thank you again, Fred

Now this is a beautiful job!

Photo Repair Sample

Thanks so much! Lyla French 

Thank you!
You guys did a great job!
Thanks again. Photo Repair Sample
I have many other photos that need restoration. I will absolutely be using this site again and recommending.
-S. Feliz



Dear art, 

I received the prints just now.  I am speechless.  I don't know what to say!  Auntie is beautiful (as I'm sure you must have noticed).  My Dad is beyond words.  You really can't know what it means to me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Very best of wishes to you and anyone else involved in the job.  I have to go now, so I can ball my eyes out with happiness.

With sincere thanks,


Hi Art! YAY!! It looks great! FYI, when I Googled 'repair photo' you were first on the organic search results - and I also contacted 2 other sites that responded they couldn't fix the photo. So THANK YOU so much!!! Let me know what else you need from me. I will be sure to use you again if I ever need to.


A big thank you goes your way! I know I will recommend your services to my family and friends and I'll probably use you again when I need some more photo repair.


YOU are AMAZING!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!!



Thank you so much, you did a terrific job.  her hair looks very nice and also her arms with the sweater, looks like she could have her hands in front of her clasped on her knees.  You did a very nice job and i know it will mean a lot to everyone.  We are going to have the photo laser printed on to nice dog tag necklaces for her four children and her husband.



Photo Repair SampleThank you so very much! I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends!

Thanks again,





Photo Repair SampleThanks, Art.  You performed miracles.  I was told it couldn't be done .  Thanks for helping me fulfill a dream.  I'll be seeing my in-laws tomorrow.  They're the ones in this photo.  I'm very grateful.  You'll be seeing more business from me in the future. I'll also recommend you to others.

Thank you.


Photo Repair SampleI will look forward to getting the digital file and the prints.  Thanks alot for the quick turnaround.





Hi Art - The branches look great!  Thanks. I think we're ready to go.  Again, I so appreciate the fact you turned this around so quickly for me and for your very personable service. You're super! -Pat

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